About AA DJs

AA DJs provides fresh, fun, entertainment for today's events. We're a group of genuine, down-to-earth, DJs that have a passion for music, and a love for helping you celebrate. Our focus is on playing the songs you and your guests can't help but sing and dance along to, all night long.

We're proud to offer our clients an adaptive style, tailored to your vision, while bringing our professionalism and energy to your event entertainment. We're not the kind of DJs who talk on the mic half of the night, mash up every song because we can, or turn our speakers as loud as they go for no reason.

Our clients have an eclectic taste in music and want to hear it all throughout the event. You understand that events have a flow and progression, and that different sections and moments of an event can have complimentary vibes without being monotone. You also want to make sure your guests have a great time, and everyone hears something that they enjoy. Simply put, that's what we do. 

Hey. We're AA DJs, and we'd love to help you celebrate. Get in touch with us now.